2010 Day 1

class 1 fleet


Fleet Boat TCC Finish Elapsed Corrected Points Rank
Class1 Adela 1.369 14:09:43 3:09:43 4:19:43 1.0 1st
Class1 Mariquita 1.173 14:32:20 3:32:20 4:20:32 2.0 2nd
Class1 Mariette of 1915 1.227 14:38:10 DSQ 5.0 3rd
Class1 Velacarina 1.245 15:19:25 DSQ 5.0 4th



class 2 fleet


Fleet Boat TCC Finish Elapsed Corrected Points Rank
Class2 Pinuccia 0.963 15:04:13 3:54:13 3:45:33 1.0 1st
Class2 Tomahawk 0.976 DNF 3.0 2nd


Race 1 – Monday 9th August 2010



The decisions of the protest committee which was held at 1700 on Tuesday 10th August under the chairmanship of Ian Owers, RYA National Judge are follows:

Mariquita – protest upheld
Adela – exonerated under Rule 64.1c
Mariette – disqualified
Velacarina – disqualified
Neil Andrew
Race Officer


Day 1: An Exhilarating start to the Pendennis Cup

Weather: 15 mph from SW, scattered showers
Course: Beat towards the Helford, downwind leg to Gull Rock, upwind to the Manacles, downwind reach to the finishing line off Pendennis Point.

Racing: As the sea mist hung over the harbour, Day 1 of the Pendennis Cup began with a dramatic start in the Big Class as Adela, Mariquita, Mariette and Velacarina planned their approach to the start line. Mariquita was set flying with her working topsail and Mariette with the jackyard. With one minute to go all four yachts were on starboard approaching the line jostling for position with Velacarina to windward. As the countdown commenced it was extremely tight with the red protest flags raised on three of the yachts and Velacarina hitting the pin as she crossed the line. Mariette held the lead over the line followed by Adela on the first beat to the windward mark towards the Helford River.

The small class followed 10 minutes later, a less dramatic start perhaps, but still a wonderful sight watching Pinuccia and Tomahawk dominating the harbour. Pinuccia was first over on port tack. However it wasn’t long before their class had its own drama as Tomahawk’s mast broke right at the top just as she approached the first mark, meaning she had to retire early.

Throughout the first third of the race Adela, Mariquita and Mariette remained close, chasing each other up to the first mark before rounding and setting the downwind sails. Adela rounded first followed by Mariquita and then Mariette who over stood the mark. Quite a spectacle with the spinnakers of Adela and Mariquita and Mariette with the gollywobbler flying.

It was a dramatic sight as they passed between Gull Rock and the Roseland Peninsula, the fog-shrouded cliffs behind them. After passing round the mark Adela really took control of the race, taking a heading towards the coastline whilst Mariquita and Mariette sailed out to sea, planning for a later tack. Velacarina followed the coastal line too, but without the sail volume of the larger boats she fell behind. Adela soon disappeared off into the clouds towards the Manacles, whilst Mariquita and Mariette battled for second place. Mariquita tacked inshore to St Anthony lighthouse and took advantage of a wind shift opening up a good lead on Mariette, gaining on Adela.

Adela led the reach to the finish followed by Mariquita, Mariette and Velacarina. A superb day on the water not without drama with a steady wind all boats heeled over, cap rails in the water, providing a stunning sight for the following fleet of over 12 spectator and press boats.