2010 Day 4

class 1 fleet


Fleet Boat TCC Finish Elapsed Corrected Points Rank
Class1 Adela 1.369 14:26:24 2:56:24 4:01:29 1.0 1st
Class1 Mariette of 1915 1.173 14:56:51 3:26:51 4:02:38 2.0 2nd
Class1 Mariquita 1.227 14:52:42 3:22:42 4:08:43 3.0 3rd
Class1 Velacarina 1.245 15:09:58 3:39:58 4:33:52 4.0 4th



class 2 fleet


Fleet Boat TCC Finish Elapsed Corrected Points Rank
Class2 Tomahawk 0.963 14:09:07 2:29:07 2:25:32 1.0 1st
Class2 Pinuccia 0.976 DNC 3.0 2nd


Race 4 – Friday 13th August 2010

Weather: N 15 knots, gusting to 20 knots, cloudy with sunny spells
Course: Windward Mark, Manacles, return to the Windward mark and back to the Manacles, finishing off Pendennis Point

Racing: After the week’s challenging conditions, with wind changing daily and playing to all the contestants’ individual strengths at different points during each race, on day four there was all to play for in both classes with Tomahawk’s mast back in place and Adela and Mariette fighting it out in the Big Class. With the wind approaching 20 knots Mariquita left the jack-yard on the dockside to prepare for the days’ racing.

The course for the day was close to shore, providing a fantastic spectacle for all of Falmouth with the windward-leeward course set by the Race Management Team from the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club.

Velacarina and Adela had great starts with Mariette and Mariquita off the pace at the gun. Adela sailed towards St Anthony’s lighthouse inshore on the beat and was the first around the windward mark in front of Pendennis Castle, launching the new ‘Big Red’ spinnaker. Mariquita had a good beat and caught up the rest of the fleet but decided against the spinnaker on the first downwind leg, leaving the pole bare for the leg. Velacarina also chose not to hoist her spinnaker although it was laid out on deck prepared for the launch.

Adela was achieving an incredible 18 knots plus on the downwind leg and was first round the Manacles and headed out to sea for the beat up to St Anthony’s lighthouse. Mariette and Mariquita both went inshore and on the first port-starboard cross Mariquita took the lead and held the 2nd position to the mark. Rounding the mark both yachts launched spinnakers which Mariette was able to complement with her gollywobbler to accelerate past Mariquita. What then followed was a very clever tactical move by Mariette – she luffed beside Mariquita to cause her spinnaker to collapse and lose her 2nd place position. However by the end of this second downwind leg Mariquita had caught back the difference rounding the next mark ahead of Mariette for the final push to the finish. Velacarina had a spinnaker in place for the downwind leg and the crew were working very well as team having now raced for a few days together.

Tomahawk enjoyed being back on the water following the repairs to her mast. She sailed solo in Class 2 for the day which puts her in position to draw with Pinuccia tomorrow, if she can secure a victory on the water.

At the line, Adela was over 26 minutes ahead of the rest of the fleet which was enough to secure her overall victory by a narrow 1 minute 9 seconds on corrected time demonstrating just how close the racing has been this week. Mariquita had a superb sail upwind during the days’ racing and held off Mariette to be second over the line. Velacarina came over fourth looking fabulous with the sunlight shining through the dappled sky against the backdrop of Pendennis Castle.

With the evening festivities planned at St Mawes the Pendennis Cup continues to entertain competitors and guests on the water and on the land.