2010 Day 2

class 1 fleet


Fleet Boat TCC Finish Elapsed Corrected Points Rank
Class1 Mariette of 1915 1.369 14:27:46 3:27:46 4:03:43 1.0 1st
Class1 Adela 1.173 14:11:57 3:11:57 4:22:47 2.0 2nd
Class1 Mariquita 1.227 14:50:51 3:50:51 4:43:15 3.0 3rd
Class1 Velacarina 1.245 15:09:04 4:09:04 5:10:05 4.0 4th



class 2 fleet


Fleet Boat TCC Finish Points Rank
Class2 Pinuccia 0.963 DNC 3.0 1st
Class2 Tomahawk 0.976 DNC 3.0 1st


Race 2 – Tuesday 10th August 2010

Weather: SW 20, gusts to 30 knots, low cloud and scattered showers

Course: Beat towards the Helford mark, downwind leg to Veryan mark (Gull Rock), upwind to the Manacles, downwind reach to the finishing line off Pendennis Point.

The second day of the Pendennis Cup once again started with grey skies and drizzle, however with a good wind it promised to be another day of close action around the course.

With Tomahawk’s mast being fixed in the Pendennis workshops and Pinuccia withdrawing due to stronger winds it was a day for the big yachts to show off their speed. Once again it was a close start with Adela and Mariette battling at the start line, both having good starts fully powered up as they crossed between the starting buoy and committee boat.

Mariquita reefed in her main to make the most of the winds but Adela took an early lead on the beat down to the first mark. As she rounded Helford she launched her spinnaker, providing the stunning sight of this beautiful 55.5m yacht in full sail. Mariette, Mariquita and Velacarina followed behind up to the second mark at Veryan, with Velacarina launching her mizzen sail on the downward leg.

Adela had a strong lead on this leg however it was her turn to experience the unexpected dramas of racing as during a jibe her spinnaker wrapped and split, but she managed to sustain her lead down towards the Manacles mark. The spectator boat, with a top speed of approximately 10 knots, struggled to keep close to these amazing vessels as they powered down the course.

As the yachts rounded the final mark Adela held her lead, the sun shining through the clouds to light her way to the finish line. Mariette achieved speeds of over 16 knots was the overall winner of the day based on adapted time.