2008 Day 1

Boat IRC Finish Elapsed Corrected Net
Mariette of 1915 1.225 13:22:16 2:22:16 2:54:17 1.0
Altair 1.223 13:23:09 2:23:09 2:55:04 2.0
Mariquita 1.250 13:24:48 2:24:48 3:01:00 3.0
Lutine 0.988 14:04:05 3:04:05 3:01:52 4.0
The Lady Anne 1.164 13:36:15 2:36:15 3:01:53 5.0
Kelpie 0.978 14:17:25 3:17:25 3:13:04 6.0

IRC Ratings
Mariette: 1.168
Mariquita: 1.25
Lutine: 0.988
The Lady Anne: 1.164
Kelpie: 0.978
Altair: 1.021

Weather: Rain or showers
Wind: South or southwest 4 or 5 veering west 5 to 7 later
Sea state: Moderate or rough
Visibility: Good becoming moderate or poor

Schooners fully powered up for the start between Pendennis Point and St Anthony lighthouse. Mariette just a nose ahead of Altair on the start with Mariquita and Lady Anne close behind.

Mark 1 – Winward Bay Mark
Mariquita first round the mark just opposite the Helford River. The Lady Anne on starboard created a few problems for the schooners, rounding in 2nd. Mariette and Altair nose to stern on the port lay line. Lutine rounded the mark just before kelpie. Mariette’s ballooner broke out early and sails were set with a ballooner and gollywobbler on Mariette and ballooner and fisherman on Altair. A tight triangle was set for the leg for the big three hunting for the downwind mark and soon passing Lady Anne.

Mark 2 – Downwind Mark – Channel Mark
Mariquita rounded first followed by Altair and Mariette all within a boats length. Lutine and Kelpie rounding a few minutes later.
Mariette and Mariquita both tacked to the right of the course and Altair went left. The cross between Altair and Mariette resulted in Altair ducking the transom of Mariette. Mariette tacked on the hip to maintain a strong position.

Mark 3 – Winward Mark – Bay Mark
Mariquita was first round again followed by Altair and Mariette. Gybe set at the mark and a lot of water over the stern of Mariquita. Tight downwind leg with Altair frustrated Mariette – great schooner match race. Kelpie had a man over board at the gybe mark but he held on well with a champion one hand grab for the mainsheet. Lutine sailed very well with the spinnaker set generating good boat speed.

Mark 4 – Downwind Mark – Channel Mark
Altair rounded first, followed by Mariette a boat length behind. Mariquita then had a crew member over the side which lost a bit of time and her grip on the schooners. Mariette forced Altair way outside the lay line on the left hand site of the beat, causing both yachts to reach in.

Mark 5 – Winward Mark – Bay Mark
A local fisherman was unfortunately placed in close proximity to the mark and had the fleet bearing down on them. Altair and Mariette came in fast whereas Mariquita was pinching and didn’t have the same boat speed and lost out at the mark. Mariette then led the way to the line 40 seconds ahead of Altair with Mariquita not far behind. The Lady Anne led the smaller yachts followed by Lutine and Kelpie.

A great first day on the water with a good breeze, competitive racing and drama.