Sailing Information


Sailing instructions including the Class definitions, start and finish details, and safety information have been issued and are available to download from the Resources section.

The race schedule for the Pendennis Cup 2012 is as follows:

Monday 02 July         Skipper’s briefing, The National Maritime Museum at 1700

Tuesday 03 July        Race 1 start time 11:40

Wednesday 04 July  Race 2 as above

Friday 06 July            Race 3 as above

Saturday 07 July      Race 4 as above
19:00 Awards ceremony Pendennis Castle


Racing Classes

Following Eleonora’s unexpected withdrawal the competing fleet classes have been re-planned. Details are as follows:

Class 2: Pendennis Cup Class Fleet Adela*, Athos*, Bare Necessities, Bequia*, Breakaway, Mariette*, Mariquita*, Velacarina*, Unfurled

* St Petroc Traditional Class (subclass within the Pendennis Cup Class)

Class 3: Little Dennis Classic Class Fleet Firebrand, Mikado, Tomahawk.


Race Starts

The starting order will be finalised no later than the captains’ briefing on Monday 02 July. The ‘Class 2’ staggered start will be the first each day, followed by the ‘Class 3’ conventional fleet start.

The start line will be located off Pendennis Point between 2 red buoys.


Race Finish

The normal finish line will be between a staff on a committee boat displaying a blue flag and a nearby red or black inflatable buoy, leaving the committee boat to starboard. The finish line will be located near to the entrance of Falmouth Harbour. The approximate position of the finish will be broadcast to competitors by VHF as soon as practicable after the first boat rounds the final mark.

If conditions are suitable the alternative finish line will be between Black Rock Beacon and the Port of Falmouth Sailing Association flag pole on Pendennis Point in approximate position 50° 08.67’N 005° 02.58’W.

1)    Notices to competitors will be posted on the official notice board in the Regatta Centre located in the marquee on Events Square in front of the National Maritime Museum Cornwall (NMMC).

2)    Any amends to the race order will be posted in the Regatta Marquee

3)    The race committee will also use VHF Ch 72 – call sign “Race Committee” – to communicate with boats. This will include general race management information, including course information, and a start sequence countdown. All boats shall monitor this channel from the time that they approach the starting area until departing the finishing area following the race.

Full sailing instructions are available to download from the Resources Section of the website.

The Race Channel is VHF 72.

Posted on: June 29, 2012