Saftey Information for Spectator Boats

Whilst we welcome spectator boats following the racing fleet we would recommend that non-regatta boats pre-register private vessels with the Race Management Office, located in Events Square, Falmouth. The event organisers will issue you with a fleet flag, if available, and any relevant information about the day’s racing.

Exclusion Zone

It is the responsibility of all spectator vessels to ensure a safe distance is maintained from the racing yachts and other vessels in the spectator fleet at all times. In order to manage this the Pendennis Cup team has outlined a required exclusion zone in order to maximise safety on the water, and not distract the yachts from their racing line. Any vessels not adhering to these regulations may be approached by an official Pendennis Cup safety vessel and asked to move.


All spectator vessels shall remain clear of the defined start box. This extends 50m beyond the start vessel and the pin end, 100m behind the start line and 50m forward.


There will be a circular exclusion zone of a full boat length around each vessel (the longest boat partaking is Athos at 62m). Please refrain from crossing directly ahead of any racing yacht.


There is a circular exclusion zone of 100m around each mark.


All spectator boats must keep behind each yacht in the process of finishing the race whilst maintaining 1 boat length distance.


Race Channel:

Please monitor VHF channel 72. Any incidents should be reported to the Race Committee Boat on this channel.

For Further Information: Pendennis Cup Race Management Team 07891 065970

Posted on: July 2, 2012