Martin Harley Band live on Saturday Night

Martin Harley band

Martin Harley Band are an internationally acclaimed three piece act. They have been enjoyed from London’s Royal Albert Hall to the far reaches of Australia and almost everywhere in between. With Balalaika, Weissenborn, electric lap steel guitar, double bass and three part harmonies this multi instrumental band set themselves apart from the norm.

Performances at Glastonbury’s Acoustic and Avalon stages have cemented their popularity as part of UK’s acoustic scene and the home grown, hard touring approach they’ve employed over the last eight years has built them a strong fan base worldwide. Their ‘British Americana’ sound is influenced by Delta Blues and Gypsy swing and has produced a road worn style of song writing that feels as comfortable and as an old pair of shoes you just can’t throw away.


I love The Martin Harley Band! – Janice Long, BBC Radio 2

The Bands recordings and live shows alike have prompted such praise as. “In the Martin Harley Band the future of British roots and blues is assured” (Blues Nights), “Amazing” (Johnny Walker BBC radio 2) “Song writing that is staggeringly good, no one is making music like it” – Guitarist Magazine

‘Drumrolls for Somersaults’ the band third album reached number one in the Itunes UK blues chart in April this year. Martin’s ‘Blues Gone Green’ bike tour (27 shows over 1200 miles in 31 days on a customised bicycle carrying all his own equipment)as well as holding the world record for the ‘world’s highest ever gig’ in the Himalayas has reinforced the idea that ‘This is no ordinary band’. – Maverick Magazine

Posted on: June 6, 2012